Monthly Income


Amt Period Int Rate Senior Citi 8.5%
8% 8.5%
10000 Monthly 67 71
10000 Quarterly 200 213
10000 Half Yearly 400 425
10000 Yearly 800 850


Loan facility under the MIS

Yes! You can avail loan facility in accordance with the following rules:-

  • (A) 1 to 3 years scheme: Loan facility is not given.
  • (B) 4 year to 5 year scheme: You will be given a maximum up to 70% of the deposit amount.
  • (C) 5 years to 7 years scheme: After 12 months, maximum up to 80% of deposited amount
Interest rate will be applicable as per ICCSL's terms and conditions.

Best Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)

Like other investment schemes of ICCSL, MIS has certain unique features ensuring secure returns. ICCSL’s Monthly Income Scheme is tailor-made to give you a stipulated amount of money along with fetching for you the return each month within the fixed period bearing the special MIS interest rate.

We ICCSL offer you an MIS interest rate ranging from 8.5% to 12.00%. You will get such a high rate of interest under this scheme. Take the initiative to invest in MIS!

Disclaimer: All the products and services of the ICCSL are available solely for members of ICCSL only.