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Indian Cooperative Credit Society Limited (ICCSL) is, in every sense, a reliable credit co-operative society. We started operations in the year 1998 as a co-operative society primarily catering to the local masses in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Union Territories ( Silvasa & Pondicherry ) who were majorly from an agricultural background. With a mission to uplift the weaker sections of the society from the rural class to live a life of dignity, we took many efforts to provide them loans and ensure that they have a proper means of financial and material support. ICCSL never hesitates from exploring and embracing the latest technologies and standards of banking operations. Owing to this bold approach, we have been gaining successful memberships and partnerships since our establishment has come into actuality.


We are responsible and committed to the models of co-operation so that our community with individuals and family live morally and responsibly with proper financial provisions for their trade and business are supported


Every member in our co-operative society is doing their bit, making our co-op a success by supporting its activities and using its products and services. They encourage others to support it too.


Managing and enhancing our customer’s assets through knowledge-based consulting and integrity from an outstanding human resource and making it the largest and most client-centric investment.


We commit to a culture and optimism that will develop and progress India and pave the way to create a stable nation with strong business interests along with social and economic development of people from all communities.



As a growing finance Society registered under MSCS Act 2002, we have extended our financial services across by mobilizing deposits and disbursing loans.
I congratulate the Societies facilitator’s team and the Employees for raising the bar yet again. All of us as shareholders have benefitted from the team’s efforts under the excellent leadership of the director Board. The core businesses of Indian cooperative society will continue to show strong growth in coming years. The investments we have made in recent years are producing solid results, and we expect these will continue to grow. We are making the way of the approach of the Indian Cooperative Credit society to better respond to customers’ needs as they choose to manage their finances in new and different ways. Once again I wish all our shareholders & facilitators all the best for working with us.

Sojan V Avirachan

Our Commitment

We place immense faith not only in our employees or adding members but also in developing and sustaining the relationships with everyone who is associated with our co-operative society. Everyone who becomes a part of our expansive family is considered and nurtured equally. Apart from that, we are committed to develop our nation and society and bring peace and happiness to everyone by fulfilling their financial and professional requirements.

Nurturing Relationships

Stable Financial Future

Building a Better Economy

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